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Instrument Bible is a virtual fingering chart
for brass, woodwind, and string instruments.

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Sync Instrument Bible to a DAW or music notation software, follow along as the app 'plays' the instrument!

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What is Instrument Bible?

A new app for music education. Instrument Bible is a virtual fingering chart for brass, woodwind, and string instruments.

Fingering diagrams can be synced either to MIDI or live pitch tracking using the built-in tuner. Instrument Bible is the first ever app to synchronize wind instruments to music notation software.

Available now on iOS, Android, Kindle, and Chrome.

Virtual Fingering Chart

Available on iOS, Android, Kindle, macOS, and Windows.

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How many instruments?

Instrument Bible supports just about every instrument found in an orchestra. Including brass, woodwind, and string instruments.

  • 🎷 Flute
  • 🎷 Clarinet
  • 🎷 Sax
  • 🎷 Oboe
  • 🎷 Bassoon
  • 🎺 Trumpet
  • 🎺 Horn
  • 🎺 Trombone
  • 🎺 Baritone
  • 🎺 Tuba
  • 🎻 Violin
  • 🎻 Viola
  • 🎻 Cello
  • 🎻 Bass
  • 🎸 Guitar
  • 🎸 Bass
  • 🎸 Ukulele
  • 🎸 Banjo
  • 🎸 Mandolin

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Instrument Bible?

Instrument Bible is a new app for music education. A Virtual Fingering Chart.

Can I download from the App Store?

Yes. Available on , , , , and .

Can I use MIDI?

MIDI is supported on Desktop (PC/Mac) Devices. You may choose a MIDI input to send/control to Instrument Bible. Instrument Bible can receive MIDI from other applications or MIDI controllers.

How do I sign up?

to sign up. It's free!

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All-In-One app for musicians

Instrument Bible features a built-in tuner, metronome, audio/video recorder, MIDI player, and an interactive fingering chart.

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